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Test- Workshops in Deutschland vom 05. Bis 07. März (ENG)

The association Thüringer Ökoherz e.V., umbrella organization for organic farming Thuringia has successfully tested teaching materials that were created in an EU project with experts from partner organizations from Austria, Czech Republic and Italy in a workshop series in Leipzig from 05th to 07th March.

8 cooks and kitchen executives participated. The attendees had the opportunity to test the vocational training for chefs and executive chefs, divided into the five modules: foods use, sustainable menu design, waste management, energy efficiency, communication and marketing free of charge and to voice their opinions, wishes and needs.

For the module "Energy Efficiency" Hans Dackbeck, the managing director of the Resource Management Agency, traveled from Austria to hold the lecture prepared by his employees from projects of the RMA and to make his expertise available for further questions.
Both the participants and the speakers gained new insights through the joint development of solutions and discussion of the presentation material. In the future, for similar projects the Thüringer Ökoherz e.V. will seek cooperation with local commercial kitchens in order to support a sustainable change in the large-scale kitchen landscape in Thuringia and throughout Germany. A detailed report is available in English for interested parties on the ReKuK homepage.