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Module Communication and Marketing in Large-scale Kitchens


The training in this module enables the trainees to analyse the current state of the information and marketing activities in their own large-scale kitchen and to improve them in terms of better communication with the clients and stakeholders as well as of better presentation of their sustainability-oriented actions.

Detailed learning objectives


  • Explain the principles of sustainability in general and specifically applied to the kitchen
  • Identify and distinguish the different types of stakeholders
  • Communication and Marketing Principles
  • Choose the proper instruments for better information and communication
  • Identify the major aspects and problems related to food, waste and energy management
  • Make use of the principles of green marketing
  • Explain the principles of certification schemes (organic and eco-labels)


Competences to:

  • Develop and manage independently the overall plan of communication, or is able to assess the plan proposed by an external professional
  • Obtain the overall view of the efforts/results reached in the different aspects of sustainability (food origin and quality, food waste, waste, energy)
  • Communicate internally and with external media the efforts towards sustainability of his/her kitchen
  • Justify eventual increase of the meal's price to the wider public
  • Implement food educational schemes within the kitchen or around the meal preparation


Skills – ability to:

  • Analyse the proper tools to reach the target stakeholders
  • Dialogue with the internal sectors of the company
  • Assess the concrete sustainable results to communicate
  • Inform the clients about their specific requests
  • Choose and use social media instruments
  • Monitor the internal and external feedback
  • Raise internal awareness on sustainable results achieved
  • Analyse educational schemes for enhancement of stakeholders’ awareness


Training focus

The training is based on the following three issues:

  • Food sustainability; involvement of stakeholders
  • Communication & Marketing: Principles and tools; internal and external communication
  • Target stakeholders; educational activities



Training workshop design and test


The training workshop consist of 4 learning units per module, of 60 minutes each. The first 3 units are split into a 45-minute lecture and a 15-minute discussion. The 4th unit serves the working out of practice-related exercises together with the lecturer. A short instruction session helps the participants to fill in the training folder. To test the training materials and structure, 5 workshops are foreseen with at least 5 participants per country and module. After the test trainings, the workshop design is finalised and ready for implementation.


Training materials

Handbook (Download)

Script (Download)

Slides (Download)

Training Folder (Download)

Training Folder incl. Results (Download)